Work Authorization for Students

For F-1 students who have completed all of the course work requirements for a degree, and who have not changed status to another visa category, may apply for post-completion practical training. All F-1 students are entitled to 12 months of post-completion practical training, unless (1) they have received one year or more of full-time, pre-completion curricular practical training, or (2) have had time deducted from the 12 month maximum by reason of time spent in pre-completion (optional) practical training.

The student must apply to the Designated Official at school for an endorsement of Form Form I-20. The endorsement indicates that practical training is recommended to begin on a certain date in a particular field of work. The student must then apply to the INS for an employment authorization document (EAD).

Vocational students in the M-1 category also may apply for a temporary EAD. They are eligible for one month of practical training for each four months of M-1 study. The total period of post-completion practical training for M-1 students may not exceed six months.


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