Temporary Visas

Temporary visas provide businesses with access to foreign labor on relatively short notice. In many cases, employees may process applications for permanent residence while working in the U.S. using a temporary visa.

Professional workers with baccalaureate degrees coming to work in their field of expertise are eligible for H-1B visas. Companies may transfer personnel from foreign affiliates to the U.S. using the L-1B visa for workers with specialized knowledge or the L-1A visa for managerial or executive personnel. Foreign-owned businesses which conduct substantial trade with their home countries or make a substantial investment in the U.S. may bring in foreign managers or essential workers as E-1 and E-2 workers. Companies may also hire individuals who have extraordinary ability in any field of endeavor. Canadian and Mexican professionals in designated occupations are eligible for TN visas.

Temporary visas are more than alphabet soup. The petition process requires careful analysis, development of an overall strategy, preparation of petitions and supporting documents and individual counseling regarding admission to the U.S.


Pathways to Temporary Residence



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