INS Creates Website for Checking Status of Pending Cases

October 2, 2002 - The INS has now set up a website where companies and individuals can check on the status of pending cases:

To use the system, one need only enter the number listed on the Receipt Notice, a thirteen digit alphanumberic code which starts with the three letters indicating the Service Center where the case was filed (i.e., cases filed with the Vermont Service Center start with EAC).

Users of the system should be aware that predictions of case processing time offered on the site may be inaccurate, and cannot be relied upon. In addition, the site does not permit one to check the status of a case in process with the Dept. of Labor (such as Labor Certification applications), or with the Dept. of State. The new update system does permit status checks to be made at any time, and thus avoid the potentially lengthy wait typically encountered by those calling INS information lines.


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